National Silver Dollar Round Table

President’s Message

by John W. Highfill


We are now entering the 36th year of The National Silver Dollar Round Table™. We finished the 35th Annual NSDR Awards Banquet at Ruth Chris Steak House in Tampa, FL. The main highlights were awards for NSDR Man of The Year  Michael Bobb , NSDR Woman of The Year was  Marlene M. Highfill and 2016 John W. Highfill Lifetime Achievement Award went to Don Kettering. All our members are among the finest Silver Dollar dealers in the America!

In addition the 2016 PRESIDENT’S AWARDS  were given to  Kim Kick, Michael Farone, Selby Ungar, Col. Steven Ellsworth.  for their excellence and service achievements through out the years.

The U.S. Silver Dollar remains the most popular and collected coin. I have recently written my fourth article, in behalf of the NSDR, the Coin Dealer Monthly Newsletter Monthly Grey Sheet. The previous articles were The National Silver Dollar Round Table, NSDR 10th Anniversary,The NSDR 20 Year Anniversary and Grading: The MS System. You may wish to pick up a copy of the November, 2012 Monthly Grey Sheet. It is entitled “The National Silver Dollar Round Table 30 Years Later”.

The NSDR members are “THE SILVER DOLLAR SPECIALISTS”. When you need a “Specialist” call any of our NSDR members listed on this web site!

There were many other awards that would be to many to mention in this Preface. After all of these years we have grown to be the “2nd Largest Dealer Numismatic Association” in the world today! Through the years, the NSDR has become a virtual “Who’s Who In Numismatics”

I would again like to thank everyone who has made the past year of 2015, both a very successful and profitable year. We are very proud of our new revitalized Web Site. We are constantly updating this Web Site and will be adding NSDR Archive photos and Videos. Also more numismatic articles for your reading pleasure. You will notice we have “LINKS” to the A.N.A., NUMISMATIC NEWS, FUN, NGC, PCGS, ANACS, ICG, CCE, ICTA, TNA, CSNS, CDN, SoCal Shows, VAM Quest and many other numismatic organizations. With this benefit, you simply find their “Link” and click on it to go directly to each site. This can be you exclusive Numismatic search engine. We have many NSDR dealers that advertise on this Web Site. Just find a dealer that you like and “GO SHOPPING”!

The NSDR Web Site also has over 500+ silver dollar articles in the Library. There are categories for a listing of all members, archival video and photographs. There are all separate awards, from Life Time Achievement to Presidential awards. There is a link to past members that we wish to keep in our heart. That category is under the In Memorandum tab. So go to the web site an explode all of its benefits.

We has also created a new exclusive NSDR MASS E-Mail in order to keep you up to date.

Moving on to the current Market Place. With the U.S. economy currently moving to a 3.6% ANNUAL GDP recovery in 2014, the same seems on be track to do the same in 2015.

Precious metals will most likely to gegin to move higher as the year goes on. There are moments of rise, but only to fall back into a bear market for both gold and silver. You should be cautious, as they may become volatile with lower prices possible. Be also cautions as the U.S. Stock Market seems to be moving towards a more “Bullish” attitude. As with all investments, there will be ups and downs as the bull and bears collide with each other. We still should able to be in competition with stocks & possibly “bonds”. There are many of both Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars in the collector area that are current bargains. Peace Dollars in relation the Morgan’s seem to be under priced. With the primary emphasis on Gold, Silver, many coins have been overlooked. Many investor coins still have potential, while MS-64/65/66 better dates have very good promise. You should always focus on the rarity of a coin, rather than the grade. Both are to be considered before purchase, but rarity always prevails! However, if you can afford both, go for it!

Coin shows have been and remain a great source for all silver dollars. Many many individual numismatic websites and including E bay and private web sites have become a source of convenience for both collectors & investors. Make sure of buy back warranties if and whenever possible.

Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar prices have moved higher that the year before. Auction prices in 2013 again have hit record highs and this type of market continues to be very strong.

The NSDR Web Site may be accessed at your or any other computer at: or  Be sure to register yourself and/or your company. Then you may take advantage of the many articles, photos, banners, videos, web links and advertisers. There are also other listings that are available to every collector. If you wish to have any suggestions or material for the NSDR Web Site, feel free to contact John Highfill. Simply log into the web site and contact any dealer that you may wish to answer your needs. This web site offers many various things at no charge throughout the entire site. If you wish to take advantage of: advertising, posting links, banners, email addresses, etc, you may contact myself through the web site. You can also discuss special pricing and NSDR member discounts with all of the dealers.

We have just completed our last board meeting of 2015 at Long Beach Convention Center. After the NSDR elections this past fall, we are pleased to elect the following new NSDR Board Members. They are David Lisot, Don Rinkor and Jeff Wueller. New and old committees have been formed and reformed. Donald H. Ketterling has also replaced Sandy Gulde as the new NSDR Treasurer.

This year has all of the ingredients to be very positive.

Good luck in all of your Silver Dollar Collecting in 2016!

Numismatically yours,

John W. Highfill
National Silver Dollar Round Table™