National Silver Dollar Round Table


My primary field is and always has been Silver Dollars. Morgans have as always been the leader in the dollar marketplace.

There seems to always be a reflection of market and precious metals (i.e. Gold, Silver).

While this can at times be true in circulated dollars and generic gold, it hardly ever results in higher or lower prices for Silver Dollars.

It is common sense to most, but not to all. The economy is on pace for a 3.2 -3.5% growth. It’s not necessary to break down those numbers by specifics and/or category. We are only concerned for today through this time next year as long as forecasts.

There seems to be no indication that a major market settlement is in the near future.

However, there will be bumps up and down as the stock market moves and precious metals jump around. Again, these minor bumps should not change the prices for silver dollars in grades MS 64 and up. (Maybe MS-63, also).

This applies consistency to both the Blue & Red books!

In a nut shell, Morgan & Peace dollars are very solid, with growth potential this year.  Auctions are bringing record process for the very top dollars. Want lists are strong with many dates going unfilled for both wholesale and retail customers.

I wouldn’t even try to determine price changes for MS 65 and up on 1893-S, 1897-O etc. that are seldom available at best. Again, Bu common date Morgans are sold at $45 range, with plenty of buyers. Non Generic, but common other dates are scarce to say the least in quantity. Just try to fill and order of 100 each of 1878-S, 1901-O. 1902-o 1904-O etc. in MS 63 or 64 in one week.

Good luck!

Again the Silver dollar market is in solid shape and should continue to be so for the year of 2014.

John W. Highfill

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