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MS Grading System: Type Coins and Silver Dollars By John W. Highfill

5th National Silver Dollar Convention St. Louis, Missouri November 8 – 11, 1984 This article has a primary purpose of trying to educate, philosophize, and/or define the complex nature of the mint state (MS) grading system. To somewhat limit the complexity of this discussion, I will speak toward silver dollars only. The majority of the … Continue reading

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The Liberty Seated Dollar (1840-1873)

By Greg Shishmanian ……….. Let’s begin this article by revisiting a few significant events that occurred during the 1840 through 1873 period in United States history. The United States mint began producing the Liberty Seated dollar series only three years after the 1837 financial crisis. This crisis triggered a prolonged economic depression that lasted until … Continue reading

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An Overview of the Standing Liberty Quarter Series

By Kathleen Duncan – ………… Historical Background The entire run of American coinage received a major overhaul and aesthetic upgrade between 1907 and 1921.  Each and every denomination was redesigned, and with the exception of the two-and-a-half and five-dollar gold coins, each had its own unique appearance.  These designs were a clear departure from … Continue reading

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Banks Are Reporting To IRS Multiple Cash Deposits Of Under $10,000 By Diane Piret – ICTA Industry Affairs Director ……… Structuring your cash bank deposits with the specific intent to avoid having those transactions reported is not only illegal, but you may find that the IRS has seized most of the money in your bank account. … Continue reading

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The National Silver Dollar Roundtable 30 Years Later – By John W. Highfill

Reprinted with Permission from the Coin Dealer Newsletter (CDN)………. This year is the 30th anniversary of the National Silver Dollar Roundtable. The U.S. Silver Dollar is by far the most popular American coin. Its vast appeal is the best in all of numismatics. The National Silver Dollar Roundtable?s (NSDR) index of dealers are professionals in … Continue reading

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Former NSDR President to Serve on the Committee to Select the New State Quarter for the State of Oklahoma

  NSDR Journal VOL. XXIV, NO. 2 Summer 2006   Former NSDR President to Serve on the Committee to Select the New State Quarter for the State of Oklahoma On April 10, the evaluators met at the new Oklahoma History Center next to the State Capitol in Oklahoma City and evaluated the nearly 1000 ideas.  … Continue reading

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