National Silver Dollar Round Table

Annual Awards Banquet

2017  NSDR Banquet


Don Ketterling Receives NSDR Lifetime Achievement Award

Incoming NSDR President Jeff Wuller Remarks January 2017

NSDR Man of the Year 2017 Mike Bobb

John Highfill Honored by NSDR

32nd Annual NSDR Banquet Photos


2013 Awards Banquet – Orlando Florida

NSDR Lifetime Achievement Award Winner 2013: Donald H. Kagin, Ph.D.

Longtime numismatist Donald H. Kagin has been awarded the National Silver Dollar Roundtable’s coveted Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Kagin comes from a family of famous coin and paper money personalities and joins the ranks with many other famous numismatists. Copyright © CoinWeek LLC. January, 2013

2013 Awards Banquet Photos

2012 Awards Banquet Videos from Orlando Florida

NSDR Silver Dollar Year in Review 2012 – Randy Campbell, Emcee Randy Campbell has been the host and master of ceremonies for the NSDR Awards Banquet for many years. As the banquet begins Randy gives a review of what has happened in the hobby during the past year and what may be coming in the next. Learn about the issues and concerns of silver dollar collecting from the largest dealer organization devoted to his area of numismatics. 9:43 For more news and videos about coin collecting visit

NSDR Presidential Remarks 2012 – John Highfill, President NSDR president John Highfill opens the Awards Banquet as he shares news about the accomplishments of the organizations. A new website has been created as well as other avenues for the silver dollar group to gain more attention. 3:44 For more news and videos about coin collecting visit

NSDR Presidential Awards 2012 – John Highfill, President The president of the National Silver Dollar Roundtable has the prerogative to bestow an award on people he believes have made significant contributions to the organization and hobby of numismatics. This year President Highfill awards Douglas Sharpe, Sandy Gulde, Robert Higgins and Randy Campbell. Watch and find out what these folks did to be so honored. 3:32 For more news and videos about coin collecting visit

NSDR Lifetime Achievement Award 2012 – Randy Campbell, Emcee After many years of service a single individual is recognized for their contributions to NSDR and to the hobby of silver dollar collecting. This year’s winner of the National Silver Dollar’s most prestigious award is John Dannreuther who shares some remarks about winner such a coveted prize. 11:46 For more news and videos about coin collecting visit

NSDR Man of the Year 2012 – Randy Campbell, Emcee Many NSDR members work behind the scenes to bring good into the world and to the hobby of silver dollars. Their desire is not recognition but rather to make positive change. Richard “Kenny” Duncan is just such a man and is winner of this year’s Man of the Year Award. 9:03 For more news and videos about coin collecting visit